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File Validation

Welcome to the Universal Course Design (UCD) online validation tool. This validation tool will allow you to check the accessibility criteria of your PowerPoint presentation (with a .pptx extension) or Word document (with a .docx extension).

The validation tool will look at font type, font size, graphics, and tables of your document and make recommendations on its accessibility.

To use this validation tool you must:

  1. Click on upload file
  2. Choose a .pptx or .docx file
  3. Click on validate file. Once you validate your file, you will get immediate feedback with recommended changes, if any.
  4. If there are any suggested changes, such as font size, edit your document and complete steps 1-3.

*Note: this validation tool will only work with a .pptx or .docx extension.

Select the Power Point Presentation (pptx) or Microsoft Word (docx) file you wish to validate.